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4 In 1 Powder for paratyhpoid, canker, coccidiosis, and especially E.coli. You can use 4 in 1 Powder to treat paratyhpoid, canker, coccidiosis, and E.coli all at one time saving having to treat one thing at a time in the drinking water.
100 g   $18.95 qty:
25 g   $11.95 qty:

Acox (Coxoid)

A liquid treatment for Coccidiosis and (going light). Add to the drinking water. Ideally given just before breeding season. This will reduce the chances of younger chicks contacting the problem.
30 ml   $8.95 qty:
100 ml   $17.45 qty:

ADEC Injectable

ADEC Liquid is a very safe oral or injectable vitamin for use in infertility, recovery from parasite infestations and as an aid to recovery from viral or bacterial disease.
10 ml   $31.49 qty:

Air Sac Mite Eliminator

Treats Air Sac Mites and Scaley Face and Feet on birds. 1 to 2 drops on the skin and repeat in 14 days. Treat 3 to 4 times a year to keep under control.
50 ml   $17.49 qty:


Bird Sick? Not sure why? Amtyl is a very broad spectrum antibiotic ( which it means it covers a wide range of bacterial infections) Using Amoxicillian and Tylosin combined together makes this the medication of choice for many bird owners. Also it is very simple to administer in the drinking water, or crop.
25 g   $16.49 qty:
100 g   $57.95 qty:


Aureomycin Soluble Powder Concentrate, contains chlortetracycline hydrochloride. For use in birds for the treatment of bacterial pneumonia and bacterial enteritis.




25 g   $16.35 qty:


Support for the immune system of aged or chronically ill birds. Use daily to boost immune response and protect against disease.

4 oz   $7.89 qty:
8 oz   $12.89 qty:
16 oz   $19.39 qty:

Avian Insect Liquidator (Concentrate)

Concentrate has to be mixed with water and is safe for birds and most all animals and is deadly to insects including Mites and ANTS, and many other insects. Safe enough to spray on even newly hatched chicks, AIL kills insects on contact and the residual action guards against re-infestation for 6 weeks.
100 ml   $16.20 qty:
500 ml   $53.20 qty:

Avian Insect Liquidator (Ready To Use)

Safe for birds, deadly to insects including mites and ANTS! Safe enough to spray on even newly hatched chicks, AIL kills insects on contact and the residual action guards against reinfestation for 6 weeks.
100 ml   $12.95 qty:
500 ml   $19.87 qty:

AviBios Probiotics

AviBios probiotic avian-specific Lactobacillus promotes and maintains natural intestinal balance.
2 oz   $7.60 qty:
4 oz   $12.69 qty:
8 oz   $17.69 qty:
16 oz   $30.79 qty:

AviCalm Calming Supplement

AviCalm calming formula is for screamers, birds plucking its feathers, aggressive and biting birds.
4 oz   $20.69 qty:
8 oz   $35.69 qty:
16 oz   $49.48 qty:

AviPow AntiFungal Supplement

Antifungal/Antibacterial Dietary Supplement. A gift of health from the rain forest. A natural treatment for Candida, fungus yeast and bacterial infections. AviPow is made from the bark of a rainforest tree well known by natives in South America.
4 oz   $7.69 qty:
8 oz   $12.68 qty:
16 oz   $15.67 qty:

AviVera Aloe Spray

Aloe vera spray is a must for every bird first aid kit. Aloe is a well known for natural antiseptic, analgesic and styptic. A light spray of Aloe spray once a day can help stop irritation from ather picking and in some cases, stop picking altogether. This is very soothing to the skin, and helps heal quickly.
16 oz
(spray bottle)
  $10.75 qty:

Baytril 10%

Treats a wide range of bacterial infections in birds.Mix for Cure: 2ml to 1 quart of drinking water for 10 days. For Preventative: Mix 1ml per quart of water for 8 to 10 days.  The medication of choice for Paratyphoid,Wide range of Bacterial Infections, E-Coli, Ornithosis, and Respiratory infections, Infections due to Air Sac Mites. Easy to give in the drinking water
25 ml   $24.95 qty:

Bird Penicillin

Very effective antibiotic for respiratory problems and bacterial infections.  Helps birds to gain weight. Mix 1/4  teaspoons to 1 gallon of water and give for 5 days. Besure and follow up with a probiotic for 2 to 3 days afterwards.
25 g   $23.95 qty:

Blast-Off AntiMite Powder

Blast-Off AntiMite Powder Natural active ingredients. Apply directly onto birds. Completely natural and safe for use onto young and older birds and small animals.
250 g   $20.49 qty:


Treatment for Coccidiosis diarrhea watery droppings. Treat for 5 to 7 days in the drinking water. Mix 1/4 teaspoon to 1 quart of water.



50 ml   $10.95 qty:
250 ml   $32.49 qty:


Coccivet for treating coccidiosis watery droppings
50 ml   $14.65 qty:
250 ml   $40.46 qty:

Colloidal Silver

A natural alternative to Antibiotics
250 ml   $18.95 qty:

Doxycycline 20%

Treats Ornithosis, psittacosis one eyed colds, respiratory, chlamydia.
25 g   $13.95 qty:
100 g   $24.95 qty:

Doxyvet Liquid

Doxyvet is a broad spectrum antibiotic for birds, and small animals.
50 ml   $19.49 qty:
250 ml   $74.99 qty:

Enrofloxacin 10%

Give in the drinking water for a wide range of bacterial infections, respiratory, urinary tract infections, intestinal, salmonella, e-coli, liver, eye infections,and skin problems from wounds to birds. Can be used for all types of birds, pigeons. Can be given to rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and most all small animals,but the dosage will be different than what is stated on the bottle for directions as these dosages are for birds. Cats use with caution. Dosage on bottle is for birds.
100 ml   $43.95 qty:
25 ml   $22.49 qty:

Furaltadone 20%

Treatment for upper respiratory and bacterial infections and non chlamydial intestinal, e.coli and salmonella. Furaltadone is a less harsh mild antibiotic treatment given in the drinking water for 5 days.
50 g   $12.49
100 g   $19.79

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Comprehensive in-water or on-food supplement for sick or stressed birds. Immune support, digestive support, vitamins, minerals. Long-term energy.
40 g   $14.59 qty:
80 g   $22.49 qty:
300 g   $64.25 qty:

Ivermectin Solution

 Ivermectin Solution is for treating birds in the drinking water. 1 bottle of Ivermectin Solution will make 1 gallon of water and may be kept in the referigerator for 14 days when you will need to retreat in 14 days. Ivermectin Solution is for the treatment of internal and external parasites (air sac mites Scaly Face, Scaly legs and feet).
55 ml   $18.90 qty:


Lewerstim liver protectant and detoxifier

The only avian product in the world that combines thioctic acid (a potent liver protectant detoxifier) with liver extract, high levels of Vita complex and calcium, The ultimate product for treatment and prevention of liver diseases in birds.

100 ml


(Nystatin 400 00i.u. per gram) For yeast and in some cases Stargazing?Twirling, Candida fungal problems.
25 g   $18.95 qty:


Health care for the digestive system. A two product pack that cleans out the digestive system and then replaces the good beneficial bacteria back to the gut. Has proven to be useful for birds with Mega Bacteria.
200 ml   $31.49 qty:


Megabac-S is a unique water soluble formulation of Amphotericin B. Megabac-S has proven effectiveness against Megabacteria in caged and aviary birds. 1/4 teaspoon to 4 oz of water.
25 g   $138.18 qty:


Amphotericin B combined with other antifungal to fight Mega Bacteria. Water soluble, put into the drinking water. This medication fights more serious infections. Great combination as to avoid resistant to just one.Treats Avian Gastric Yeast also.
25 g   $79.99 qty:
50 g   $129.00 qty:


For Canker or respiratory problems, lesions caused by pigeon pox and demonstrate high Antibacterial and Bacteriostatic potency on Trichomonas Sp, Candida Sp
10 ml   $15.65

Poly Aid Plus

Poly-Aid Plus is a sustained release carbohydrate and protein supplement with multivitamins and electrolytes and nine strain Probotic for sick or stressed birds. It is recommended in all birds with a calorie and/or protein deficit.
40 g   $12.90 qty:
80 g   $18.49 qty:

Pox Dry

Use for pox infections, canker infection and lesion sores. Pox Dry gives quick results without any ill effects.
2 oz   $18.95 qty:

Probiotic Plus

Probiotic Plus is not less than 10 million CFU/g which will help aid in re-establishing the gut after antibiotics, diarrhea, stress, and aids in the digestive system. Can be used in feeding formula, helps the immune system
25 g   $10.49 qty:
100 g   $14.75 qty:


Nine strains of probiotic work together to promote normal gut flora and a healthy digestive system. Essential after times of stress or antibiotic treatment. Can also be added to hand feeding formula to improve the chick’s immune system. Contains 180CFU/gram Use just 1g per liter.
25 g   $16.62 qty:
90 g   $21.44 qty:


For treatment of psittacosis/Ornithosis (caused by Chlamydia Psittaci) and other susceptible bacteria diseases in caged and aviary birds. Use in the drinking water.
25 g   $13.36 qty:
100 g   $20.98 qty:

Quarantine Kit

Bird Quarantine Kit has the medications you would need to have on hand for when you have sick birds. A must have, for every bird owner. Keep on hand, waiting for the medications to be shipped could be to late.
26 oz   $135.95 qty:

Remedy+Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder

Remedy+Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Birds, Dogs & Cats is a professional-groomer’s grade styptic power that immediately stops bleeding.
1.5 oz   $10.95 qty:

Respiratory Soluble Powder

Respiratory Soluble Powder, treats respiratory bacterial infections and reduces the mucus and inflamation in the mucus membranes. Is a 5 day treatment in the drinking water.


25 g   $39.95 qty:


** Best Seller** Ronidazole for treatment of Canker, Trichomoniasis, Giardia, Hexamitosis, Cochlosomosis, all protazoa infections, use in the drinking water. Stop loosing babies treat with Ronidazole, for small birds finches,canaries, and large birds, and pigeons. Treat prior to breeding and treat as soon as the babies fledge the nest.
25 g   $10.49 qty:

Ronivet-S 12%

Ronivet-S 12%

This product is the same as Ronivet-S 6% but is stronger so it takes less product to use in the drinking water. Used for large flocks of small birds. Use 1/2 teaspoon to 1 gal. of water for 7 days. Treat birds prior to breeding and after the babies have fledge the nest.

25 g   $19.92 qty:
100 g   $32.90 qty:
500 g   $115.76 qty:

Ronivet-S 6%

 You can use Ronivet-S 6% for Protozoa infections. If you have a large flock we suggest using the 12%. Treat birds prior to breeding them and treat again when the babies fledge the nest. Mix 1 teaspoon per quart of drinking water for smaller birds for 7 days. Large birds 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of drinking water for 7 days
25 g   $12.49 qty:
100 g   $20.49 qty:
500 g   $75.71 qty:


A safe, effective treatment for air sac mites and scaly face mites. Should be treated at least 2 times a year.
50 ml   $22.59 qty:

Spectovet Powder

Soluble antibiotic powder for ornamental birds.
20 g   $47.09 qty:


Survive Emergency nutrition for acute cases. Gives birds and animals a fighting chance! Contains a complete range of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, protein and an energy source that are very easy to digest. Choose Guardian Angel where dehydration is critical and Survive where starvation is critical.
40 g   $9.20 qty:
80 g   $13.79 qty:
300 g   $23.99 qty:

Terramycin Ointment

A healing antibiotic salve that is a broad spectrum ,antibacterial ointment, that clears up most infections in a hurry. Heals cuts, sores, also can be used on pox lesions around the eye. Especially useful for treating sores, watery eyes, 1 eye colds, infections caused by injury or pecking. Can be used on birds, dogs, cats, and all other animals.
3.5 g


Tetracycline hydrochloride soluble powder for control of chronic respiratory disease (CRD) and air sac disease caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Escherichla coli; infectious synovitis caused by Mycoplasma synoviae sensitive to tetracycline hydrochloride.
50 g   $21.95 qty:
100 g   $29.99 qty:

Tony's Treasure tablets

Tony’s Treasure Tablets are a unique combination of powerful ingredients designed to treat a range of diseases in pigeons where exact diagnoses are not possible.
2 oz
(100 Tablets)
  $25.49 qty:

Trimethoprim/Sulfa Powder

Treatment for bacterial infections: Salmonella, E-coli, Streptococcus, Staphyloccus, Mycoplasma, Partayhoid and Cocidiosis in cage and aviary birds.
100 g   $22.95 qty:
25 g   $13.95 qty:

Triple C

Triple C is a water soluble antibiotic powder for use in ornamental birds for bacterial infections including E.coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma (Chronic Respiratory Disease) and Chlamydia (Psittacosis).
25 g   $14.93 qty:

VetRx Veterinary Remedy (Caged Birds)

Treat Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parrots, Macaws for internal and external problems such as watery eyes, breathing, tail bobbing, coughing, sneezing, and loss of voice, as well as scaley face and scaly leg mites.
2 oz   $11.89 qty:

Water/Medicine Drinker 0.5 oz.

Medication drinker that only holds 3 teaspoons good for 1 - 2 birds so you can monitor what they are drinking. Finches, and canarys only drink about 1 teaspoon of fluids a day, so this you can see if they are drinking the fluids, plus your not wasting the medications filling up large containers
0.5 oz   $2.60

Wheeze Eeze RTU

A natural herbal respiratory spray with anti-bacterial properties.
250 ml   $18.95 qty:

Worm X

Worm  X is a safe product for removal of worms in birds , pigeon, and poultry. 2 day treatment in the drinking water, removes Thread worm,Tapeworm, Roundworm,Caecal Worm,Hook Worm.Birds going light, loosing weight, wasting away.


60 ml   $12.49 qty:
100 ml   $16.75 qty:

Wormout Gel

Water soluble wormer in a pump bottle. (Praziquate l20g/L and Oxfendazole 20g/L) Can be administered in drinking water or directly into the crop. Two-day treatment is effective against threadworm, tapeworm, roundworm, caecal worm and hookworm.
50 ml   $14.49 qty:
100 ml   $19.92 qty:


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